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Online Course List

CTPD: Online Course List

To contact your instructor you can do one of the following.

Locate your course in IRIS.

Go to IRIS and click Search for Classes. On the Search page choose the term and subject of your course. You can also put in a course number if you know it. Scroll down and select Web from option to limit search by location. This will pull up all web courses in the subject and course number selected. In the search results click on the course title to display more information about the course. The instructor details will display on this page.

Use the Telephone/Email Directory.

On the main Lake Land College website click on Telephone/Email Directory in the upper most navigation links on the page. In the search box type in your instructors first and/or last name. This will display all search results. Locate your instructor's contact information in the search results.

Students registering for ONLY online courses can follow these steps to register:

1. Apply Online
2. Email or call Counseling Services for registration information.

Note: Students who apply for admission to a Lake Land College certificate or degree program or who wish to register for an English (ENG) or math (MAT) course must meet placement requirements prior to registration.