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Resources for Adjuncts

CTPD: Adjunct Faculty

Lake Land College creates and continuously improves an affordable, accessible, and effective learning environment for the lifelong educational needs of the diverse communities we serve.

Our college fulfills this mission through:

  • University transfer education
  • Technical & career education
  • Workforce development
  • Community and continuing education
  • Intellectual and cultural programs

Lake Land College strives to provide lifelong learning for a diverse population. Lake Land is a learning college serving the community and its changing needs in a flexible environment. Guided by our shared values, our faculty and staff are committed to continuous improvement and efficient use of resources.

At Lake Land College, we place value on...

  • Student Success

    • We respect each student as an individual
    • We know students by name
    • We offer small classes
    • We encourage student involvement in campus life
    • We instill lifelong learning habits
    • We promote educational growth
    • We educate for employment
    • We offer a well-rounded general education
    • We help students meet individual needs at various points in life
    • We make college possible
    • We are learner focused

  • Community Commitment and Involvement

    • We offer opportunities for lifelong learning
    • We are responsive and supportive of the community
    • We establish partnerships with individuals, businesses and organizations
    • We offer a variety of courses at convenient locations and times
    • We inform the community of college activities and opportunities

  • Quality Instruction

    • We support academic freedom
    • We seek to continuously improve
    • We are innovative, flexible, and adaptable
    • We encourage continuing education for faculty
    • We promote enthusiasm
    • We are interdependent

  • Leadership and Innovation

    • We develop curriculum to meet ever-changing training and employment needs
    • We create environments utilizing innovative technology and learning formats
    • We expect professional development

  • Personal Commitment

    • We are cooperative and supportive of others
    • We are proud
    • We are caring
    • We are positive
    • We are dedicated

I would first like to thank you for the part you play in making Lake Land College a positive experience for the thousands of students we serve. Without your dedicated commitment we would not be able to meet the needs of the individuals that look to Lake Land as a way to improve their position in life. As an adjunct faculty member, you are a critical team member to the college and help Lake Land achieve its mission of creating and continuously improving an affordable, accessible, and effective learning environment for the lifelong educational needs of the diverse communities we serve.

To help make your experience positive, we have put together this handbook containing information you will need to refer to from time-to-time in order to meet your responsibility as an instructor. In many instances, you are Lake Land College to your students since you may be the only contact they have with the college. Therefore, in addition to information about policies and procedures you need to be aware of, we have also included basic information which should help you answer many of the inquiries students ask you about other areas of the college.

You play a very important role in the quality of instruction offered by Lake Land. Please feel free to contact me or any member of the staff if you need assistance or have suggestions for improvement.

Josh Bullock
President of Lake Land College